Clark H Wells

Graphic Design is the sum of a defined problem + a visual solution. I can help you do the math.

My name is Clark Wells, and I am a designer based in Jackson, Mississippi. I have been surrounded by various forms of design my entire life, and with the knowledge I have gained, as well as a lust for technology and electronic media, I have been able to apply those abilities to a passion for website design.

I started realizing my passion for drawing, art, and design when I was in high school in Jackson, MS. Being surrounded by creative people has always been a blessing for me. My parents were creative thinkers, and I was blessed with being given the same appreciation and desire for visual excellence that they sustained.

In 2004, I started my enrollment in Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University. The architecture field seemed to go hand in hand with my quest to take the mundane and mold it into something special. From my time in school, I was able to explore different areas of design and computer graphics, as well as independent thinking and creativity.

At Mississippi State I also became an active member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, where I assumed the officer position of Media Chairman. As Media Chairman I led many campaigns and fundraisers for our fraternity. Centering my attention on print publication and newsletters to Alumni, I was able to develop my skills in various forms of advertising and public relations.

During the summer after my sophomore year, I accepted my first job in the design field at Barranco Architecture in Jackson, Mississippi where I continued to learn and adapt my skills in the form of graphics and print. Working primarily on projects for the town of Lost Rabbit in Madison, Mississippi I acquired an expertise in developing architectural plans and renderings for prospective home buyers. I would return to Barranco between semesters for the next two years to continue sharpening my skills.

My junior year of college, Kappa Sigma realized a need for a new chapter website. I was inexperienced in web-design, but with my position as media chairman, and my stubborn desire to handle every situation, I began learning the skills required to produce a full web site. After a few months, and a large amount of learning by trial and error, the Kappa Sigma website was completed, and went live to the world.

After getting my feet wet with the Kappa Sigma Chapter website, I began to receive inquiries about producing websites for other sources. After the first website I understood that web design truly encompassed many of my passions about design and media into one forum, I began taking freelance jobs designing various types of websites for word-of-mouth clients. As my portfolio has continued to grow, I have started to realize web design as my true calling. I now take on ever growing projects with the excitement and diligence that I have tried to pour into my work my entire life.

I hope that you will allow me to help you create a masterpiece!